Just in time for the holidays, Target has added another valuable perk to its REDCard debit and credit cards. Use your REDCard to pay at Target.com and you receive free shipping on orders of any size.

I've done very little shopping at Target.com because previously, free shipping only kicked in for orders of $50 or more for customers with any payment type. And I just couldn't justify paying shipping costs when there are two Target stores just minutes from my house.

REDCard's biggest perk is 5 percent off on all purchases at Target, taken off at the register. It's been in place for a bit over a year and the company has credited it for helping to boost earnings.

Another valuable perk is the ability to link your card with a school so that 1 percent of everything you spend goes to the school of your choice. More than $324 million has been distributed by the program to date, according to the Minneapolis-based retailer's site.