Business: Manufactures and markets MyPillow lineup of bed pillows, accessory pillows, mattress toppers and pillowcases. MyPillow is one of few patented, domestically produced pillows, and features a mix of open-cell foam pieces and resin that the company says makes it cool, comfortable and adjustable, to promote deeper sleep. 

Founded: 2004

Headquarters: Carver


Employees: 22 employees at manufacturing plant, 27 who work on commission selling pillows at fairs and trade shows.

Executives: Michael Lindell, founder and president; Thom Clapp, CEO; James Furlong, CFO; Corwin Lindell and Paul Ess, board members.

2010 revenue: $3 million

Strategy: Produce self-financed infomercials in this country and New Zealand and Australia; get space in any larger trade shows where the product does not yet appear, and pursue marketing agreement with bed-and-breakfast associations in Minnesota and Wisconsin.