★★★½ out of four stars
Rating: PG-13 for language and disturbing thematic material involving sexual assault.
Theater: Lagoon.

In this documentary on sex crimes in college campuses, the violations themselves are only part of the misdeeds. Director Kirby Dick’s film finds it arguably even worse that many institutions’ authorities are reluctant to act against sexually aggressive students.

The film follows Andrea Pino and Annie Clark, who were both students and rape victims at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. When they learned of their common stories and shared frustration at being ignored by the school’s bureaucrats, they joined forces to cast light on the widespread problem.

Their efforts moved a variety of victims to share their experiences on camera. Campus sexual attacks are now drawing attention because of a year-old Rolling Stone article, associating a University of Virginia fraternity house with rape, that was discovered to be unfounded. The more important viewpoint isn’t that some reporters may get such stories wrong, it’s that too few women (and men) have too little chance to share their stories. Dick’s film is a valuable spotlight.