Our friends Jody and Melissa continue to keep us (and hopefully you) entertained with their tour of the Olympics-mad Vancouver. More words and pictures from them (none of them, thankfully, involving curler John Shuster):


The plan today is to head to Canada Hockey Place to see if we can scalp tix to the USA/Norway hockey game that starts at 12 noon. Wish us luck! Hopefully tomorrow morning I'll have some pix of the USA hockey game. If not, at least we have tickets to the Slovakia/Russia late game.

As I said yesterday, we couldn't find a single USA t-shirt that was less than $150, so we decided to make our own.


This is an ordinary Ralph Lauren fleece that happens to have a USA logo on it. What price, you ask? $660. I vote for a boycott of RL.


This has actually been the most amazing thing so far in my opinion. Some foreign dude spent 3 days building HUNDREDS of little olympic mascot rock sculptures. I'm talking hundreds, in only three days!


The set of the Colbert Report. I wish I would have photographed the drunk [redacted] (keep in mind, it was 11am) who kept yelling at an empty stage "We want to see him! Now!! Where is he? I'm American!" ahhh, doing our country proud.

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