More Morneau quotes, for context:
How long has he been symptom-free?
Morneau: ``That's a good question. I try not to pay attention. I've been able to do all the workouts and stuff and been able to get my rest and there's still stuff I can do that will irritate me so I just avoid it. I know if I do too much there’s a chance that something is going to happens and I try not to get to that point.
``Everything has been pretty good since January, I'd say. Somewhere in there. I don't know. It’s hard to tell. There’s times Where I won't feel that good and wake up the next day and feel fine, just knowing it may have been a little extra fatigue or I did too much that day or whatever it is. I can't really remember the last time that was. So it has been good for awhile.''
Are there certain symptoms you can play through, or certain symptoms you know you can't play through?
Morneau: ``It's not usually during (a workout). Usually I'm able to get through the workout when I sit down, the adrenaline stops and I just sort of take a step back and just sit there and go, `Oh, maybe I did a little too much today.' So if there's symptoms there, if there's anything I've learned, there's nothing that's worth risking it for, If there's something there and it happens again then I'm even further back than I was. We're not going to start at 85-90 percent with that. It's not going to be something we're going to take a chance with. Right now. I don't feel like that is going to be the case.
``I can't tell you how I'm going to feel tomorrow. I can't tell you how I'm going to feel a week from now. It's one of those things where you go through it and hope everything continues to go well and go from there.''
Again, Morneau did express optimism several times during the interview. But his tone, and cautiousness, and the fact that he's willing to discuss the possible end of his career all point to this being a give-it-one-last-try kind of spring.
Another red flag is that Morneau dieted to lose weight and feel ``lighter on my feet,'' to try to avoid nagging injuries.
Maybe that will work, but I've been covering pro sports for 24 years, and losing weight is often the last attempt by an older athlete to try to regain quickness and health. To me, that's another bad sign.
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