The money taps will be gushing in the final days before the 2010 election.

According to reports filed in the last week, Minnesota state political organizations have gotten more than $500,000 in since Tuesday with the bulk of it flowing to or from labor and Democratic friendly organizations.

In campaign finance documents, Unite Here's state political organization, the AFL-CIO's state fund and the teacher's union PAC have gotten $200,000, $100,000 and $160,000 respectively in the last week.

But Republican-friendly organizations are seeing some cash too. Minnesota's Future, which has reserved $1 million worth of ad time for the final days of the campaign, got $25,000 from Hubbard Broadcasting Thursday and another $5,000 from New Horizon Feeds. Hubbard also ponied up $10,000 for the Minnesota Chamber's Pro Jobs Majority and the pro-business Freedom Club State PAC reported getting a total of $25,000 in contributions.

The reports to the state campaign finance board don't include any of the spigots flowing to federal campaigns or federal political non-profits.


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