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The Gophers' fourth-place finish in Big Ten men's basketball is their best since the conference tournament began in 1998; their average seed in the previous 17 tournaments was eighth.


It seems more than likely that Richard Pitino will be honored as the Big Ten Coach of the Year. The All-Conference Selection Show begins at 4 p.m. Monday on BTN.


"This loss is on Thibs. Quit having Wiggins handle the ball at the end of games. Put the ball in Rubio's hands and let him get the ball to Wiggins or Towns."

"droofer" on the Wolves' Saturday loss to the Spurs at


"if we run into each other in my head 'oh yea it's on, wolf'. he's jus like 'what is this aggressive species threatening me.'"

— Retired NFL star Arian Foster, who over the course of 30-some tweets Sunday explained why he thought he could take a wolf in a fight (his No. 1 argument: opposable thumbs).