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In 1987-88, Bruce Boudreau was the AHL's top scorer, with 116 points (42 goals, 74 assists) for Springfield. It wasn't even his highest-scoring minor league season; that came in 1982-83, when he had 122 points for St. Catharines but fell three points short of the AHL scoring title, won by Ross Yates.


Remember when the Twins got swept at Baltimore to open the season? Things never really did get better, did they? The Orioles arrive to kick off a brief homestand (7:10 p.m., FSN).


"The guy is the all time winning percentage leader! He clearly didn't get that many wins by just standing there."

"shelly11" on the Wild's hire of Boudreau as coach at


"So, if you are James Shields how do you explain being the guy who gave up the homer to Bartolo Colon?"

Kristie Ackert of the New York Daily News, after Shields, once known as "Big Game James," gave up the first career homer to a 42-year-old pot-bellied pitcher with a lifetime slugging percentage of .098.