The funeral of Reuven Rahamim (photo by Renee Jones Schneider)

The funeral of Reuven Rahamim (photo by Renee Jones Schneider)

Killings at Accent Signage: We're continuing our team coverage of what's likely the worst workplace shooting in Minnesota history. Today, Police Chief Tim Dolan said he will release more details of the timeline of Thursday's afternoon's rampage, in which a fired employee killed five, injured three and took his own life. (Paul Walsh)  On Sunday, company founder Reuven Rahamim was eulogized as someone who "wanted to make a difference in the world." (Joy Powell) Watch the video from the Sunday funeral here. Meanwhile, the company says it will stay in business. A witness describes the scene as something like a war zone. (Abby Simons and Nicole Norfleet) The same flash of workplace violence erupts 50 to 70 times every year across the country -- often with recurring patterns that shed light on the gunmen and what drives them. (Jeremy Olson)

Minnesota Orchestra locks out musicians, cancels concerts:  All scheduled concerts through Nov. 25 have been scratched as the labor dispute between the Orchestra and musicians boils over. (Graydon Royce)

Surly Brewing seeks cleanup help for Prospect Park site: Surly Brewing Co. says it wants to build a $20 million brewery on an industrial site near the University of Minnesota, if the popular craft beer maker can get public funding to help clean it up. (Eric Roper)

Trial begins for Minnesota man accused of terrorism: On Monday, Mahamud Said Omar will become the third Minnesotan to stand trial for aiding terrorists in Somalia in a case that gives the closest look yet at a worldwide terror investigation. (Dan Browning)

Brother Ali's battle for America: Minneapolis' Muslim rapper takes to the streets - and might take a beating - for his argumentative new album. (Chris Riemenschneider)