Carol Molnau, Minnesota’s former lieutenant governor, is talking – and that does not seem to be good news for Tim Pawlenty.
In a Huffington Post article, Molnau was critical of Pawlenty, the former Minnesota governor now running for president, saying her former boss “surrounds himself with people that say ‘yes’ and tell him how good he’s doing.” Molnau served two terms as Pawlenty’s lieutenant governor and was also appointed by the Republican governor to be the state’s transportation commissioner.
“He doesn’t have a lot of people who can take the chance at critiquing him, and that’s a problem he’s had for a long time,” Molnau said.
“A lot of us like to have people around us that think like we do and agree with us because we don’t take criticism very well. Well that’s a good thing because you don’t have a lot of white water conflict,” she added. “The thing is you never know when you’re going off because everyone’s afraid to tell you, or, the people who do, you don’t see as trustworthy anymore.”
Molnau served as Pawlenty’s state transportation commissioner when the Interstate 35W bridge collapsed in Minneapolis in 2007 – perhaps Pawlenty’s defining moment as governor. Molnau was removed as transportation commissioner in 2008 when the DFL-led Minnesota Senate ousted her.

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