By Randy A. Salas

Minnetonka ballroom dancer Gene Bersten (pictured at right with an unidentified partner) failed to make the Top 20 dancers on So You Think You Can Dance, the Fox TV show revealed Wednesday night. Bersten had caused a bit of a stir -- actually, it was more like an eyeroll -- when he came on strong during the show's auditions as a "sezzy" dancer (his pronunciation of "sexy"). "The girls just get mesmerized by these motions," he bragged then. But he had little to brag about on tonight's show, when he was eliminated as the last men's spot was filled by a more-dynamic ballroom dancer. His cut was probably foreshadowed after Bersten wasn't featured at all during the show's Las Vegas cutdown rounds. Having seen enough of him during the auditions, that was probably a good thing.


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