What a few days on Mille Lacs!  The smallies are done spawning and have moved onto the rock reefs on Mille Lacs.  This past Wednesday was spectacular as I had a Bass Master magazine editor on the lake for the past 2 days.  We caught over 50 bass with several in the 18 to 20 inch range!  Thursday was a little slower with smaller fish, although we fished for walleyes for a couple of hours in the morning and smallmouth for four hours in the afternoon.  It appeared to me that the walleyes were pretty finicky, due to a big bug hatch over the past weekend.  We did boat 3 eyes between 25 to 27 inches on 7 mile flat using NO-SNAGG Lindy Rigs and leeches right on the edge from 24 feet to 30 feet of water.

We caught our smallmouth by swimming 1/8 size X-Change jigs and 3 inch and 4 inch YUM MUY Grubs (Green Pumpkin and Chartreuse Pepper colors) over the tops of the rock reefs.  It was important to find the right reefs (Can't give you all of my spots, but I can tell you that I was fishing on the south and east side of the lake).  Honestly, I believe that there are smallies on any rock pile that has the characteristics described next.  The rocks have to have at least 4 feet of water over them and the rocks themselves have to be larger, at least the size of my 250 Merc Verado.  Cast the jig/grub over the top of the reef and swim it slowly back to the boat.  It was fantastic fishing!

Good luck!!!

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