Clarence Swamptown didn't have time for a full Clearance Clarence this week, but he did check in with this:

You’ve probably seen this before, but I had not.  Scott Stapp wrote a song for the Florida Marlins called “Marlins Will Soar”.  Even for Mr. Stapp’s standards it is a remarkably bad song.  

I know a lot of people hated last year’s GB Leighton Twins song but gave it a free pass because you like GB. Serious question:  If the Twins hired Scott Stapp to produce a terrible Twins song  that they would drill into the ground during games and broadcasts, what would you do?  Stop being a Twins fan altogether? Question God? Jump off the parking ramp above Target Plaza just to prove a point? I think all of these options would be on the table. 
More than anything, I just wanted to point out that although “Twins Territory” was not good, it could have been worse
This was addressed as an e-mail and not a talker, but we are making it such. Folks, what would you do?

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