Let this post serve multiple purposes:

*There will be limited RandBallin' tomorrow (probably two posts, one in the morning and one around noon (though hopefully the noon post will be a very special RandBall Q&A) and no fresh content Friday or over the weekend.

*The reason is we're heading to Arizona for a few sweaty days of hanging out at the pool and wedding attendance.

*It's been a while since we were in Arizona, and we're well aware of all the RandBall connections to the Phoenix area. Stu's brother has a couple of bars around there. AZGopherGirl and Lattewarrior both live in the area. Perhaps there are others we don't know about.

The point being: we are taking all suggestions for can't-miss places in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. That doesn't mean we won't miss them, but still. Also, is there anything we should know in regards to the new immigration law? Will a passport be required to leave?

Your thoughts on Arizona, if you don't mind.

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