Much of the hard work in a baseball player's life is done off the field, including the support of various charities.  Michael Cuddyer, for example, was approached by Pepsi to become the Ambassador for the Minnesota Twins in an effort to endorse a project of his choice.

As I've mentioned before, Cuddyer needs your help to convince Pepsi to dish out a $200,000 grant to create a ballpark for the Courage Rolling Twins wheelchair softball team, who are currently playing ball in a parking lot.

Before last night's 5-3 win over the Seattle Mariners, the Courage Centers' adult and youth softball teams played a "pop-up" game on Target Plaza in an effort to generate awareness for the Pepsi Refresh Project.

My girl Marea and I attended the Twins & Pins Charity Bowling Classic on Thursday, and we had the opportunity to ask Cuddyer a few questions about his cause.  On Facebook you can check out the interview, which was interrupted by Hall of Fame Twins legend Harmon Killebrew.  Awesome.

You can cast your vote for Cuddy here, up to 10 times daily, or text TWINS to 76462.  Voting endings August 17 at 10:59pm CT.

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