Tuesday night's hockey game between Farmington and Chaska had an unusual end and the brief video about it is going viral.

It's best to let the SB Nation blog, Western College Hockey, explain: "Farmington senior goalie Austin Krause retrieved a puck behind his net, skated to the crease and put the puck in his net. Krause then proceeded to remove his gloves, and while skating off the ice, turned to his bench, flipped them off and gave them a salute before exiting the ice."

Here's what it looked like:

Blogger Chris Dilks wrote that the goalie's motivations "are unclear, though rumors seem to indicate that Krause, who was a senior playing on Farmington's Senior Night, was upset at losing out on playing time in his final year to a sophomore goalie."

According to the box score from the game, Farmington was leading Chaska 2-1 when Krause acted out. Chaska scored again less than a minute later and won 3-2.

Don't know much more for now, although a message board at highschoolhockeyforums.com has no shortage of opinions.

Wednesday afternoon, school district spokesman Jim Skelly posted this on the school district's web site: "This incident was recorded and shared widely on the internet and clearly shows the student athlete pushing the puck into the Farmington net and then leaving the game with a show of unsportsmanlike gestures. This action has had an immediate and dramatic impact on the Farmington Boys Hockey Team and the entire Farmington community. The district is taking the proper steps to investigate the incident and will take appropriate action in line with school policy. Student privacy regulations prevent any further release of information regarding this matter. Our focus is on in supporting the players and coaches in our hockey program and the successful completion of their season"

The end of the email featured a marketing slogan for the school district: “Developing Citizens of Integrity Who Excel Both In and Beyond the Classroom.”

But sometimes not on the ice, apparently.

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