This years warm water temperatures has fishing going well around the metro. Bass and Muskies are becoming more active, heres whats been working...


  • I have been finding Bass in depths common for mid summer fishing. Crankbaits and Jerkbaits like Rapala Clackin Raps and X-Raps have been working well on weed edges in 8-13 feet.
  • Jigs and soft plastics have also been working well in shallow and deep weeds, and around docks.
  • Topwaters like Rapala Skitter Pops and Scum Frogs have worked well around submerged timber and shallow weeds.

A 4 pound Largemouth caught by the author this spring.

A 4 pound Largemouth caught by the author this spring.


This morning i was out fishing the east metro for Muskies. The strong winds were definitely at a Muskie fishermans advantage as the fish were pretty active. We ended up seeing a total of five Muskies including one that I hooked on the figure-eight. The fish ended up getting off, even though the hooks were sharpened recently. Most of the fish were seen in 10-15 feet of water, just off weed beds. So get out there and go fishing, whatever your quarry may be.      


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