11/26 CR Software Fair Isaac Corp. (FICO) FICO has acquired a provider of collections and recovery Fairfax, Va. Minneapolis software to multiple industries.
11/27 FSV Payment Systems Inc. U.S. Bancorp U.S. Bank will acquire FSV Payments systems, a provider Jacksonville, Fla. Minneapolis of prepaid program management and processing services.
11/28 Knowplicity Inc. CryoLife Inc. Knowplicity, a fitness products provider, received venture San Francisco Kennesaw, Ga. capital funding from a group of investors that includes Mayo Cllinic Ventures.
11/28 Certain assets Emerald Connect Inc. Emerald Connect a financial website hosting company, has San Diego acquired the financial division of Duluth-based 50 Below Inc. The division will operate as Emerald Connect in a new downtown Duluth location by next month.
11/29 Outland Energy Services Duke Energy Corp. Duke Energy has acquired Outland Energy Services, a provider Canby, Minn. Charlotte, N.C. of wind turbine operations and maintenance services.
11/29 Retail division assets ARI Network Services Inc. ARI Network Services has acquired the retail division assets Milwaukee of Duluth-based 50 Below Inc.