Ten-year-old Keenan is a sweet child who can be shy around strangers but loves to talk about school and how much he enjoys playing with cars. He likes eating almost all foods and says his foster mom is a “good cook.” Keenan enjoys playing catch, doing puzzles, watching SpongeBob and playing video games, and is helpful in his foster home with cleaning and picking up his toys. He is creative and likes art, enjoys looking at books, being read to and loves drawing maps of city streets.

Keenan says he has always wanted a brother or a sister. He currently lives in the city, but would also enjoy living in a home with a large yard to play outside and run around. He likes dogs, cats and hamsters. Keenan would do best in a home that provides him with lots of attention, predictability and warmth. He would do well with somewhat older siblings who do not distract from the attention he needs. Keenan would prefer a mom and a dad, and needs a family who can advocate for him in the school system. Child-friendly pets would be an asset.

Following adoption, Keenan would need to stay connected to his foster mom.


For more information on adopting Minnesota’s Waiting Children, please go to mnadopt.org or call 612-861-7115.