There have been multiple reports the Vikings are interested in acquiring Washington quarterback Donovan McNabb either through a trade or signing him after he's released by the Redskins.

But there is one important thing to keep in mind here. If the Vikings told the Redskins they were interested in McNabb it had to come before the NFL lockout began in early March. NFL spokesman Greg Aiello confirmed this week that once the lockout started teams were prohibited from discussing any trades involving players. Of course, the Vikings can have all the internal discussions they want about McNabb.

Teams are allowed to trade draft picks and it would be naive to assume that no under the table discussions have occurred that involved trades of players being completed once the lockout is done.

That being said, one would think teams would be very careful because the NFL would have the ability to make an example of them if they were caught trying to work out deals. (I think it's a safe assumption that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and his supporting cast aren't in a very forgiving mood these days when it comes to any issues.)

With the amount of McNabb scuttlebutt circulating the question becomes is it worth taking a risk on being hit with potential sancations over a 34-year-old quarterback coming off a poor season?

One would think the answer is pretty obvious.

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