On Tuesday, Minnesota primary voters get to decide who will take on Gov. Mark Dayton and advocate for a better future for our kids, our families, our small towns and large cities, and our economy (“Johnson is top pick in bid for governor,” editorial, Aug. 4). I’m the only candidate for governor to issue detailed plans for what I will stand for on the major issues of the day, months before next week’s election. I have the well-rounded experience we should expect from our governor: I am a middle-class husband, father, small-business owner, former Realtor, former university admissions counselor and former state legislator who believes we can do better than Dayton. We have a beautiful state with wonderful people who deserve a leader they can relate to.

In this race, I’m the only candidate to travel to all 87 counties in Minnesota because I believe all Minnesotans should see their candidates and their governor on a regular basis. In a Seifert administration, no part of the state will be “flyover country.”

I recently announced my “Priorities for Minnesota Families” plan. It includes eliminating the Social Security tax on earned benefits for our seniors, contributing resources to fix terrible road congestion in the metro, providing better educational opportunities for our children, and lowering the financial burden that health care and energy changes have placed on hardworking families and businesses.

I’m not a millionaire or a political insider, just a working-class leader who wants to do the right thing for Minnesota and future generations. Sometimes I believe you have to say and do the right thing no matter whom you’re up against. Government is too big and too expensive, and we shouldn’t be losing jobs to states with more competitive policies.

I’ll be a governor who understands family budgets just as well as the state budget. My door will always be open, and I promise to travel the state extensively, just as our leaders used to do. I’m the only candidate who refuses contributions from lobbyists to my campaign (because I believe government isn’t for sale).

After four years of having an out-of-touch governor, we need a leader who understands Minnesotans’ struggles. I’m asking for your vote on Aug. 12 to send my running mate, Rep. Pam Myhra, and me to St. Paul so we can change the direction of our state.


Marty Seifert, of Marshall, is a Republican candidate for governor.