Mark Craig's Week 3 NFL power rankings

1. Patriots (2-0)

Rematch with Dolphins on Dec. 29. Take Miami and the 75 points.

2. Rams (2-0)

Refs, er, Rams win again.

3. Chiefs (2-0)

Patrick Mahomes had 278 yards and four TDs … in ONE quarter.

4. Cowboys (2-0)

Dak has 11 incompletions and an 11-yard average per attempt.

5. Packers (2-0)

Offense joins the party, slapping the Vikings with 21 first-half points in 16 minutes.

6. Ravens (2-0)

Lamar Jackson just posted a 104.8 passer rating while running for 120 yards and a 7.5-yard average.

7. 49ers (2-0)

Is the jury out on 49ers or are we overlooking them?

8. Seahawks (2-0)

Two wins by three points.

9. Bills (2-0)

Preseason sleeper team off to a good start.

10. Vikings (1-1)

Kirk Cousins keeps saying he needs to be better. And there is no one is arguing with him.

11. Lions (1-0-1)

It wasn’t perfect but beating Chargers after Arizona meltdown was impressive.

12. Saints (1-1)

It’s Teddy Time with Brees out a minimum of six weeks.

13. Chargers (1-1)

One ugly pick by Rivers down the stretch.

14. Colts (1-1)

They’re better than people think …

15. Titans (1-1)

… just ask Tennessee.

16. Browns (1-1)

The NFL might get a restraining order prohibiting Myles Garrett from getting within 10 feet of a quarterback.

17. Texans (1-1)

Stuffed Jags’ two-point conversion attempt in closing seconds.

18. Bears (1-1)

The double-doink demons have been exorcised!

19. Falcons (1-1)

Weird watching the Falcons having good fourth-quarter fortune.

20. Eagles (1-1)

Will Carson Wentz ever stay healthy?

21. Buccaneers (1-1)

Thursday night division road wins ain’t easy.

22. Raiders (1-1)

Gave up 28 points … in one quarter.

23. Cardinals (0-1-1)

Murray won’t win much this year, but he’ll be entertaining.

24. Broncos (0-2)

Bradley Chubb robbed of a sack, Broncos robbed of being 1-1.

25. Jaguars (0-2)

Jalen Ramsey is upset and causing a stink. Shocker.

26. Panthers (0-2)

Cam’s arm looks shot.

27. Bengals (0-2)

Blown out at home after strong effort in Seattle.

28. Redskins (0-2)

Peterson stuck in first gear. Is there another gear left?

29. Steelers (0-2)

With Roethlisberger out, Tomlin heading for first losing season.

30. Giants (0-2)

Shurmur won’t commit to Eli. Will Giants commit to Shurmur?

31. Jets (0-2)

It’s hard to win a battle for the basement in New York.

32. Dolphins (0-2)

Fearing he might make a winning play, Miami trades Minkah Fitzpatrick.