You'd think sports fans would have a sense of humor.

That's what Titans coach Jeff Fisher was incorrectly banking on when he donned a Peyton Manning jersey while introducing former Colts coach Tony Dungy at a charity fundraiser on Tuesday.

Titans fans weren't laughing at the site of their rival's jersey being worn by the coach of a team that has turned last year's NFL-best 13-3 record into an 0-6 flop-a-rooski that includes last week's 59-0 loss at New England. They also aren't thrilled that Fisher said, "I just wanted to feel like a winner" after removing his jacket to reveal Manning's No. 18.

"If anybody was offended by it, I can't help that," Fisher said. "I'm not going to walk around here 0-6 with my tail between my legs. That's just not my nature. It's OK to have a sense of humor and have fun. That's what I did."

Relax, people. It's a game. Feel free to smile and laugh and delete angry e-mails from brainwashed Rush Limbaugh fans before reading them.

Here are some other lighter moments that probably wouldn't go over well with fans this week:

MV +4 at PIT: Steelers by 7

Grumpy Old Fran Tarkenton waving a Terrible Towel while rooting for Brett Favre to win as many Super Bowls as a Viking as he did.

SD -4 1/2 at KC: Chargers by 7.

Norv Turner presenting Josh McDaniels a T-shirt that says, "San Diego: Sun, Surf and Second Place!"

IND -13 at STL: Colts by 14.

Rams offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur teaching local first-graders how to count as high as his team's third-quarter points this season. "One ... and two ... and three ... The End."

CHI +1 1/2 at CIN: Bengals by 3.

Lovie Smith giving 1,416 reasons why he dumped Cedric Benson. Or one per yard that Benson is projected to rush for this season.

GB -7 1/2 at CLE: Packers by 3.

Stockpiling old, washed-up Packers and calling them depth, Ted Thompson signs Don Majkowski in time for Brett Favre's Nov. 1 return to Lambeau.

TB +14 1/2 vs. NE (at London): Patriots by 20. Malcolm Glazer, owner of the Bucs and Manchester United, telling the British media, "Hey, my American football team is so bad, we're almost as boring as soccer."

SF +3 at HOU: 49ers by 6.

After back-to-back 8-8 seasons and a 3-3 start this year, Texans owner Bob McNair gives fans 19 reasons for being upset and 19 reasons for being happy the Titans left.

BUF off at CAR: Panthers by 7.

Bills owner Ralph Wilson wondering if Sherm Lewis might be able to call the plays in Carolina since the Redskins don't play till Monday night.

NO -6 1/2 at MIA: Saints by 10.

Saints coach Sean Payton copies Miami's Wildcat offense, but not until Drew Brees throws his sixth or seventh touchdown pass.

ATL +4 at DAL: Falcons by 7.

Tony Romo offering the Redskins some hope by reminding them that he plays them once in December.

ARI +7 at NYG: Giants by 10.

Tony Romo offering the Giants some hope by reminding them that he plays them once in December.

PHI -7 at WAS: Eagles by 10.

Tony Romo offering the Eagles some hope by reminding them that he plays them once in January.


NYJ -6 at OAK: Raiders 17, Jets 14.

Sorry Oakland. Tony says he plays you guys four days before December.

Last week's upset pick: Ravens 24, Vikings 21

Result: Vikings 33, Ravens 31

Upset Special record: 2-4


Last week; vs. spread: 7-7; 7-7

Season; vs. spread: 56-33; 44-45