"Mad Men"-themed dress-up parties are like cosplay for retro-loving hipsters, but that's okay. Nothing wrong with looking sharp, and so what if they're costumes? The show is all about the costumes we wear, both literal and metaphorical. Having concluded the obligatory Deep Analysis, let's look at some pictures of the cast from the show's premiere. First: Don Draper himself.



Jon Hamm always seems too relaxed and cheerful to be Draper. Takes a while to get used to, like seeing Leonard Nimoy smile.


Peggy doesn't seem repressed enough, either:


I don't know why, but she reminds me of Agent Dana Scully's younger sister.

Finally, Joan - Joanie, if you must - give the camera a variant her standard I Am Bewitching You Now, Aren't I expression:


Usually she has an enigmatic smile and wide eyes. The outfit does resemble some sort of fabric-moss that has consumed her body and will soon engulf her head:



The show starts Sunday, of course. Then everyone can stop being so excited and begin the annual round of complaints about how it's not as good as last year.


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