1959: The Dayton Co. buys Schuneman's Department Store in St. Paul.

1963: Dayton's opens a new store on Wabasha and E. 6th Street.

1970: Dynamite explodes in the women's restroom at the Dayton's store, planted by a local man with ties to the Black Panthers, seriously injuring a Twin Cities woman.

2001: The city of St. Paul strikes an agreement with Target Corp. to keep Dayton's open through 2012, or risk having to pay back a $6.3 million loan for its $20.4 million renovation project with interest. Dayton's stores are rebranded as Marshall Field's.

2002: Target Corp. remodels the St. Paul store.

2004: May Department Stores buys the Marshall Field's department stores from Target Corp., including the store in St. Paul.

2005: Federated Department Stores, which had merged with Macy's, buys the May Co. In 2006, it changes the name of the Marshall Field's stores to Macy's.

2012: St. Paul's Macy's store announces it will close on Sundays and pare its daily hours.

2013: Sources say Macy's will close its St. Paul store by April. Source: Star Tribune research