Another rainy day, according to my weather app’s forecast. If not rain, it said, mostly cloudy. There is not a cloud in the sky. I’m wondering where it gets its data. And no, I don’t have it set on “London.”

UPDATE A few months ago the Freedom Tower topped out at 1776 feet, marking the rebirth of people’s interest in the Ground Zero reconstruction project. Prior to that, no one seemed to be paying attention. The Wall Street Journal had a story yesterday on the project, and one small minor niggling difficult that bedevils the World Trade Center reconstruction:

No one wants to move in.

That’s not entirely accurate; Conde Nast will take over half of One World Trade Center, aka the Freedom Tower, and government offices will take a chunk. But there are other phases of the project that were either stopped after a few stories or put on hold altogether. About 2.5 million square feet are unleased - an amount the WSJ calls equal to 30 Rock.

Reasons vary - lousy economy, excess of space coming on the market. No one says anyone’s afraid to move in. No one suggests that tenants might be avoiding the project because it’s ugly. It’s big and ugly. Hugely ugly. Four buildings in the project - look how well they fit together!


That’s not a skyscraper design. That’s a police line-up.

The architect is Daniel Libeskind, who’s done some interesting work around the world. It’s not as if the fellow doesn’t know how to gracefully integrate the old and the new; why, look at his work on the German Military History Museum:



It’s like God dropped an arrowhead. Sorry down there! My bad.

TECH App developer has a good way to find out how many people are using his product: the app contacts a server to download skins for the game. Developer checks download stats vs. number of paid customers. Conclusion: over 80% of the people playing his game pirated it. Here’s what he did in response.

OH CRAP You’re a Vegas developer. You have a great idea: build an enormous Ferris Wheel that gives people a panoramic view of the Strip. It’ll make a mint! It’s not like anyone would build another one that’s even bigger. Right?

GEEK PEAK LEAK FREAKS . . . can’t find anything more to rhyme. Lesson: don’t use your cellphone to take naked pictures of yourself.

LANCE.  Match wits with Lance Lawson! Solution tomorrow morning.

By the way, I found a huge cache of original Guindon cartoons down in the morgue; I’m sure we have the rights to reprint here, but I’ll have to check. It’s been 31 years since he was a regular feature in town; be nice to have him back.