Junior and Daniela live in a tent in the Lyndale neighborhood, not far from the I-35 ramp.

Meet the tent dwellers on my Minneapolis block: 'We have children, you know'

The encampment has been a source of tension in my neighborhood — and in my own home.
10,000 Takes

I'm single and I love it, but Minnesotans don't seem to believe me

July 10
The author celebrated her 30th birthday.
In Minnesota, the average age of a bride is 26.9. It's just not socially acceptable to be unmarried past age 28.
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My annual obsession with finding (and blasting) summer's hottest song

July 3
My annual obsession with finding (and blasting) summer's hottest song
An annual quest seeks the single track that captures our national mood.
December 12
Author Brittany Chaffee has adapted well to living small in St. Paul.

Every woman should try living in a tiny apartment like my place on Grand Av.

Here's how living alone in a 400-square-foot space can be a great way to find yourself.
September 1
Steve Aggergaard with his found wallet at the State Fair.

How a lost wallet at the State Fair renewed my faith in Minnesotans

I figured somebody had picked my pocket.
May 24
In this 1989 file photo, cars filled with weekend travelers line up on 6th Street in Brainerd.

A local's take on Up North weekenders: 'It really felt like an invasion'

I grew up on Lake Mille Lacs, where locals like me had a complicated relationship with our big-city visitors.
March 5
Justin Timberlake performed during halftime at Super Bowl 52 in Minneapolis.

What it was like to perform in 'chaotic' Super Bowl halftime show with J.T.

A clarinetist in the University of Minnesota's marching band was live with Justin Timberlake.
Super Bowl LII
January 30
Jared Goyette, right, with friend/fellow Eagles fan Brendan Woodcock.

Explaining Eagles fans to Minnesotans: We embrace our 'rough side'

It's true that the average Philadelphia sports fan has a chip on his shoulder. It's part of the way the city sees itself.
January 10
1975: Cowboys wide receiver Drew Pearson caught Roger Staubach’s “Hail Mary” pass as Vikings cornerback Nate Wright tumbled.

For this Vikings fan, Sunday's playoff game could repair wounds festering since 1970s

The Vikings have a shot at being the first NFL team to have home-field advantage for the Super Bowl. But for the team's fans, there's a lot more at stake than football.
December 22, 2017
A heaping helping of lutefisk was the star of a holiday dinner.

Newcomer gets her first whiff of a Minnesota holiday tradition

I was a young reporter assigned to cover the local lutefisk dinner. What could possibly go wrong?