In a survey by Fitness magazine (that could well have been by underwritten by the Federation of Window Blind Manufacturers), almost two in three Americans say they often walk around the house naked.

Odds are that this neighborhood nudity has a gender tilt, since 57 percent of women said they think they look fat when glancing at themselves naked in a mirror, while 48 percent of men are thinking, "Dude, lookin' good."

(Pause to let groaning subside.)

The survey of 1,500 men and women, with details in the current issue of Fitness, also found that:

• Thighs are the most disliked body part among women; for men, it's their butts.

• Cleavage is the body part women most like to flaunt, with one in three unbuttoning that crucial button.

• One in five women prefer to show off their butts.

• One in five adults would go to a nude beach at any time, while about one in three would go only at night, presumably choosing to live with their tan lines.

• Just shy of 50 percent of women feel sexier in lingerie than being naked.

• Just over 50 percent of men think women are sexier in lingerie than naked.

• The greatest disparity in behavior revealed itself in the locker room, where 27 percent of men said they walk around nude, compared with only 9 percent of women.