A Little Canada man carried part of his intestines in one hand and called 911 with the other as he fled an alleged attack by his wife on New Year’s Day, according to charges.

Denea C. Griffo, 39, was charged Wednesday in Ramsey County District Court with one count of first-degree assault for allegedly slashing her husband in their home. Griffo was apparently upset that he had not returned her phone calls that night, and accused him of infidelity.

“She swung the sharp knife twice at his throat, but he dodged it,” said the criminal complaint. “Griffo swung the knife a third time and cut his abdomen open. She started to swing the knife at him again, but they saw that his intestines were already coming out.”

Police were called to the home in the 400 block of Labore Road at 11:33 p.m. Monday.

According to the criminal complaint: Griffo told police that she tried to call her husband nine times that evening. At some point, the husband’s phone activated, apparently in his pocket, and Griffo thought she heard another woman’s voice.

Griffo told police that when her husband returned home, he hit her in the face, causing her to black out. She allegedly said she lost consciousness and could not remember the attack.

Griffo told police the bloody knife was in the kitchen sink and that the substance on her shirt was from Doritos.

Griffo’s husband told police that he was with friends when his wife called, and that he decided to return home because she had called frequently. He said Griffo accused him of infidelity and struck him in the head. He said he pushed her onto the bed, and that Griffo then ran to the kitchen and grabbed a knife.

Police found the husband in the parking lot holding his bowels in one hand. They provided aid before he was taken to Regions Hospital, where doctors said he suffered “significant small bowel evisceration.”


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