150 of my former coworkers were laid off at Ameriprise a few weeks ago. My initial thought was sadness that talented, dedicated employees, and in some cases, treasured colleagues) were gone. Who stayed and who was let go was a mystery to me. However, I also realized that there were now that many more competitors for a shrinking number of positions.

The job search is frustrating. I've completed many applications and have heard back from exactly one employer. That position was one I took a flyer on anyway -- didn't have every qualifications but liked the company. Networking is helpful but even with a name, callbacks are infrequent. I've had positive feedback on my resume but no nibbles. The article helped give me exposure with past co-workers and old classmates so they know I'm out in the market. Unfortunately I also heard from a number of people offering me "investment opportunities" or business start up possibilities. That is NOT what I want to pursue. I'm managing to stay out of the pity pool so far.