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Holiday gifts for child caregivers and teachers

Posted by: Kay Krhin under Child care, Holidays Updated: December 11, 2010 - 6:29 PM

It's that time of year to figure out what you’re going to give your daycare providers/teachers/teachers assistants for the holidays. A few inquiries we've received in past years :

Are you supposed to tip each childcare center worker for Christmas and can a gift work as well (especially baked goods) or is that cheap?

What about the giving a gift equal to one week’s rate to a home daycare provider - does this unwritten rule of thumb still exist? I need ideas for meaningful gifts for my child’s teacher that will be appreciated.  

What do I tip our regular babysitter? 

This year again we're getting our daycare provider a variety of things that we've made note of that she enjoys.

(And I really hope she doesn't stumble across this post: If so, spoiler alert!)  

We're getting her a  gift certificate for a nearby nail spa to get some much deserved pampering.  She  loves a fancy coffee drink treat every now and again so we'll get her a coffee card. And a really great box of dark chocolate sea salt caramels (yum!) because she's mentioned how much she enjoys them.  

Here are some suggestions from Gifts Daycare Provider's Treasure Most: 

Here are some suggestions from elementary school teachers from Family Fun Magazine: What Teachers Really Want. 

From Scholastic Parents: Teacher Gift Ideas


A common thread seems to be - it doesn't have to be expensive, but thoughtful and heart felt are appreciated. 

What are you doing this year for your provider(s) or teachers?  

Or are you a care provider or teacher who has a few suggestions or input?  


Let’s discuss below:



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