I disagree with a Feb. 22 letter writer's complaints about the Twin Cities archdiocese and archbishop over the decision to put on "pause" the practice of burying cremated remains in the memorial garden at St. Edward's Church in Bloomington ("Cremation burials at parish stymied," Feb. 21).

The letter writer states that "personal conscience decisions are being disregarded." The role of conscience isn't to decide right and wrong, but to apply knowledge of what is right and wrong to the here and now. We know what is right and wrong through natural law, divine revelation and the magisterium of the church, all of which are summarized in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Conscience applies this knowledge to particular situations. If a husband is contemplating cheating on his spouse, the church doesn't say, "Are you following your conscience? Go ahead!" No, the church says "Marriage is a faithful, lifelong union ... "

His conscience then applies this knowledge and he remains faithful, or he deceives himself and follows an erroneous conscience and sins. So thank you, Archbishop John Nienstedt, for standing firm and proclaiming the truth.