Almost a year ago, on Dec. 14, the world stopped for the parents and community of Sandy Hook Elementary School. Children were senselessly murdered, their lives and potential stolen from this world. And what has changed since then? What have we done to try to prevent such a tragedy from ever happening again?

I don't know about you, but I feel completely powerless. Nothing has changed. Many of us wrote to our senators, representatives and the president at the time and got the usual blanket replies about constitutional rights and democracy. The country came together — albeit briefly — horrified, incensed and united. That movement all too soon dissipated.

Think upon those stolen children when you carry your handguns about your daily business; think upon their empty beds; think upon this first anniversary for their parents, siblings, extended families and friends who will forever mourn their loss, who will grieve instead of celebrate as we sit down this season for our holiday dinners. Think upon their rights and truly consider if your right to hold a weapon is more important than what has been taken from them.