Thank you for carrying a balanced story (Hot Dish Politics, April 6) on payday lending and some of the struggles faced by Minnesotans. There are some real predators out there, mostly on the Internet, who are a tempting source of fast cash for people with bills to pay. There is also a temptation, when cash is short, just to use credit cards. Both options can get people trapped, which I think is why people are advocating for new laws.

It is outrageous, however, that these lobbyists fail to recognize that eliminating good Minnesota lenders through legislation will leave only bad options. Life happens, and sometimes people need a short-term loan. They’ll find a way to get it, even if Minnesota outlaws safe options. Gov. Mark Dayton says he is a champion for the middle class. I hope he won’t sign this legislation if it reaches his desk. Middle-class people like me don’t need to be exposed to the aggressive predators that this bill would certainly embolden.

Terri Frye, Blaine