We have a wiener! Now we're looking for a winner.

Our skateboarding vegan dog represents a double throw-down.

First, we want you to "dress up" your cylindrical porkish products -- brats, Italian sausage, Dome dogs, Pronto Pups, whatever -- and e-mail us your photos of them.

Then we're going to take our best entries and use them to shame those chosen by the Kansas City Star in its own contest. (We stole the idea from KC, but, hey, it's better to be best than first.)

Seriously -- well, semiseriously -- we can't possibly let those Ma-zuhr-uh BBQ-waists best us in an ever-so-artistic endeavor such as this, now, can we? The winner also will receive a grilling cookbook chosen by Taste editor Lee Dean.

Time's a fleetin', though, as photos must be e-mailed to tellus@startribune.com by midnight Sunday.