Lenny is busy, that we know, and his Slovene wireless connection isn't always connected. But here's what we know about his adventures there.

Monday, April 1

Lenny Russo and wife Mega Hoehn headed to Movia Winery (pictured, above, in a photo by Christopher Wurst) where they visited with owner Ales Kristančič (pictured, below; Ales is on the right; photo by Christopher Wurst) who Food & Wine magazine refers to as "the wine genius of Slovenia." The winery has been producing wines for more than three centuries. Russo serves two of the Movia wines at Heartland Restaurant in St. Paul.



Tuesday, April 2

To the markets! Lenny looked for fresh fish and produce for the first dinner he would prepare Wednesday night, in a collaboration with chef Igor Jagodic at Strelec restaurant for embassy guests. He's followed by a camera crew as part of an eight-episode TV series for Slovenia called "Seasoned by Americans," produced by Felina Films.

Shopping was followed by interviews by the Slovene editions of Story and Playboy magazines on farm-to-table food.

In a phone call, Lenny noted that this has been the coldest winter in Slovenia in 50 years, so plans for fishing may be dropped because of the weather.















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