Fresh off a win on Saturday, it was time to get back at it on Sunday.  I had overtook first place in AOY for Gopher Bassmaters on Saturday, but i was fishing with my good buddy Josh Douglas who was hot on my heels on Lake O'Dowd.  We both did a little prefishing independent of each other and Josh has put his time in on this little gem over the years.

It's always fun to fish with a good pal like Josh, but challenging at the same time, because he is a very talented fisherman and you can be certain we will be sharing each others fish all day.  If you pit Josh around fish, he is going to catch his share.

We worked well together all day, taking turns running the boat, sharing the front deck a good majority of the time and running lots of productive water.  We bounced back and forth between shallow & deep all day, the majority of our fish came shallow on weightless ring fry setups; but we also each weighed 2 key fish on deeper water.  It was fun to register my first football jig fish of the year.

Fairly early in the day, I got a 4.23lb bite on a ring fry, other then that we spent all day trading blows with each other slinging fish in the 2-3 lbs class all day.  It was humorous, as we were both sure the other one had more weight then the other all day.

In the end i weighed 16.01lbs, which was only good enough for 4th but I squeaked ahead of Josh by .3lbs, so I guess i retain slim bragging rights until next time.  Hats of the the guys that weighed 17-18lb bags, we even had a 6.45lb fish weighed in our tournament, clearly post-spawn fish.  Probably would have been 7lbs 2 weeks ago!

I retained my AOY lead and in a few weeks we head to MInnetonka for 2 tournaments.  But in between, I will be concentrating on the Pan-O-Prog bass tournament on Lake Marion.  Fun little tournament that is close to my heart, really want to get a win there this year!

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