Wonder if anyone ever asks them if it’s full of eels.

AHOY Surely I’m not the only one who wants to see a movie set in its dystopian, fascistic society ten years after it set sail as a sovereign nation:

The plans for the Freedom Ship are certainly audacious. The one-mile-long and 25-story-high ship would circle the Earth every two years, spending roughly 70 percent of its time moored outside major cities and ports (it will be too big to go in most ports, so residents can fly to and from the shore from the Freedom Ship's onboard airport). On board the floating ship would have its own economy, with tens of thousands of people working in shops, bars, and other businesses, and everyone on board paying a maintenance fee to support infrastructure such as security services and fire fighters.

And if they don’t pay? Can the leaders just toss them over board? I’d think you’d want to read the EULA verrrry carefully before signing up. The article notes: The question of legality onboard is a little murky too, though the Freedom Ship will likely have to operate under the laws of the country whose flag they fly.”

Which means residents might have to get used to hearing the phrase “well, Liberian courts have declined to bring charges for that” a lot.

WEB CULTURE From the Daily Dot, everything that’s wrong with Reddit, right here:

I first heard about Reddit’s Century Club in September, after a mysterious persona called UpMan made Internet history.
In just 11 days, the redditor collected 100,000 points of comment karma—otherwise meaningless Internet points that give prolific Reddit users clout. Karma is Reddit’s virtual voting system. It rewards users for providing the community with content and commentary. 

UpMan had a ton of it—and he got it faster than anyone, ever. (The previous record holder was someone called prostitute_strangler, who accomplished the feat in 22 days.)

Okay. I don’t care what marvelous things he’s saying, or how much lovely floral-scented karma wafts from his posts. I’m not up voting anyone named prostitute_strangler.

Mind you, the Century Club is not a physical location with cabanas on the beach. It’s just a BBS for the elite. Or was, until people with lots more than 100K points got tired of the hoi polloi:

. . . two even more exclusive subreddits have popped up since Century Club took off. One of them is called r/TripleCenturyClub. It’s even more exclusive. The name suggests 300,000 karma points will grant you a membership.

Somehow I don’t expect to see that accomplishment pop up in an obit in 20 years, but you never know.

SOMEONE’S BEEN SLEEPING IN MY BED And he’s still there! The Three Bears, of course, could have just clawed this guy into a bloody mess. Humans have only the courts.

A family in Springdale returned from an out-of-town visit to a dying relative to find someone else had moved into their home of 21 years. Their outrage has now turned into a court battle, pitting them against a man who says he has the court documents to prove the house is now his.

WLWT News 5's Karin Johnson began to investigate and uncovered a dozen cases, all linked to the same man.

Robert Carr went into the home on Springdale Lake Drive, changed the locks and emptied the house. The family said when they confronted Carr, he showed them a document he filed with the Hamilton County Court.

It's called a "quiet title" and lays claim to the property because Carr said the family abandoned the house and gave up all rights.

How does this happen? The family shows up with the sheriff, who listens to the guy in your house, and says “well, he has a point.” Are there family pictures on the wall? A name on the title? This is insane.

 MOVIES Sigh. Deadline:

he report, The Survivial Of American Silent Films: 1912-1929, has found that 70% of feature-length silent films made in America have been completely lost. During the period the study covers, 10,919 silent feature films of U.S. origin were released and only 14% of those still exist in their original 35mm format. Of those, 5% are incomplete and 11% are only available in foreign versions or lower-quality formats. Librarian of Congress James H. Billington called the state of America’s silent film heritage an “alarming and irretrievable loss to our nation’s cultural record.”

The comments are depressing, too; about 50% weigh in with “big whoop.” Well, it does matter. There's something amiss when we have every episode of "Gilligan's Island" but we've lost the majority of silent films.

Off to drive around and see how people are coping with the snow. Poorly, I expect.