The Home and Patio show has a collection of JFK memorabilia. We shot a video, which should be up soon. I wish I’d been able to wear this special mask.

Wear this and-uh people will-uh run away with-uh vigah.

PROGRESS A reminder from the Atlantic of the fight against all-numeric phone numbers:

In San Francisco, a group sprang up to battle Bell and its numbering scheme. The Anti-Digit Dialing League—consisting of thousands of members at its height, including the semanticist S.I. Hayakawa—decried Bell's version of digital transition. The all-digit dialing system was evidence of "the cult of technology,” the League argued, not to mention that cult’s "creeping numeralism." To make its point, the group published its own pamphlet—one that was aptly, if vaguely, titled Phones Are for People. "So far," it noted, "17 million of the nation's 77-million phones have lost their letters in favor of numbers. The time to reverse the trend is NOW.”

Didn’t work, obviously. The article notes how people have long-standing attachment to their area codes - replacing the emotions people once had for exchange names. Will this ever change? I grew up a 701 kid, and would be happy to be known as such today.

TRANSIT From someone who rode the streetcars and remembers them well, a plea: don’t bring them back.

PSA Call 911 to report an injured cyclist, go to jail. A story of a spiraling nightmare.

ARCHITORTURE We have learned nothing. Nothing. Here’s an imagined view of the new Apple Campus, with housing for everyone who works there.

Corbu just sat up and banged his head on the coffin lid. Yes, tall housing blocks in empty green space, unaligned with the neighborhood grid: brilliant. Leaving aside the architectural homogeneity, can you imagine living in a housing complex of 14,000 people where everyone works at the same place?

VotD The very definition of “Phone Calls Building Maintenance Did Not Want to Get.”