Teasing about a presidential run, comparing the federal shutdown to an act of terrorism, former Gov. Jesse Ventura's is back.

"Even though I don't agree with President Obama on many issues, I do know that he was re-elected because We The People, the majority, wanted the Affordable Care Act. The bill was passed. And now, it's Congress, standing in o

Gov. Jesse Ventura in 2011

Gov. Jesse Ventura in 2011

ur way. They're holding the country hostage. Isn't that terrorism?," he said in an online petition that's gained a few thousand signatures.


Ventura, the one-term Independence Party governor, has said of late that's he is a "maybe" for a 2016 run.

Ventura-ologists have been here before. The former governor has long teased about higher office.

A selection from his flirtations:

Back in 1999, he said on ABC that he would be willing to run as vice president if General Colin Powell ran for president. "I told him I would never run for president. I never said anything about vice president," he said.

But in 2004, finishing up a stint at Harvard University, Ventura both said he was considering running and listed reasons he wouldn't --  "I wouldn't be able to get up in the night and drive to the 7-11 for a Slurpee," and his wife would never move to the White House.

In 2008, he said "I may go down and file" for the U.S. Senate. (He didn't.)

In 2011, upon losing a suit over the Transportation Security Administration's pat-downs, he said he was "thinking about" a presidential run to change the security rules. He also said that he would "fly commercially again." That same year, he said on "Good Morning America" that he would "give great consideration" to being Ron Paul's running mate.

Despite his frequent thoughts about higher office, the former governor, who had served as Brooklyn Park mayor before running the state, has not actually taken the leap.

Still, there's already this --

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