The more you study the people upon whom fortune has smiled, and see how they manage to cope with fame and priviledge, the more you realize that it's just impossible to live like ordinary mortals. Regular folk have to wait for things. Famous people are too busy to wait. You have no idea what it's like: phone call with your agent at 11 AM, chest waxing at 4 PM. The days are just packed.


Being a celebrity may have its perks, but as Jason Bateman learned, that's not always a good thing. The actor was one of more than 2,000 people who lined up outside an Apple store in L.A. yesterday to purchase the highly coveted new iPhone 4. But the Hollywood star didn’t spend much time among the little people – Us Weekly reports that the former “Arrested Development” star, 41, was escorted out of line and into the store.“Everyone literally started booing and hissing,” an eyewitness told the magazine of the angry mob. And Bateman’s reaction? “He put his head down,” another onlooker said.


You have to feel some pity for Bateman. Real stars have people who get them phones. Maybe this was an act of pity: someone in the store said hey, that's Jason Bateman. If he's spotted out there standing like anyone else, it's going to make him look bad. Go get him. It's the decent thing to do. And grab Sherman Helmsley while you're at it. He's the little guy with the bag over his head, but I recognize that walk.

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