3: First official twitter post since the injury on my own. It's about time, ha ha

30: Just hit 1 million on caring bridge, Ironic that it lands on the three month anniversary of my injury


17: After 111 days in a hospital, it's time to say good bye, being discharged tomorrow


12: Relearning how to play XBOX, down 2-1 in NHL 12

29: Just slightly moved my left leg/ankle and left finger


19: All you gotta do is #bel13ve

29: Tomorrow will be the 6 month anniversary of my injury. It's been tough, but it would have been tougher without all of you.


1: Zach Parise, please come to Minnesota. I begging ya.

23: Laying under the stars, listening to my favorite songs reminds me how lucky I am to be alive and how great it is to have you all in my life.

25: Just trying to inspire you all to live life to the fullest.


1: Did some assisted crawling today!!! Hands and knees!!!

5: That awkward moment when your phone vibrates on your leg and you can't feel it... Haha

22: 6 hours of therapy and a 3-2 win in some wii baseball. What else can u ask for?

24: My goal: To walk My dream: To play hockey


7: I've got bad luck but good karma.

8: Just had a conversation with the great Bobby Hull! So cool. What an experience.

15: To all my supporters out there. Thank you for making my days so much easier.


16: Flashbacks are the worst ...