If you were one of those folks who let their lawns go dormant over the heat of summer, it’s time to pull out the hoses.  If you don’t provide your lawn with proper moisture now, there may be no turf grass to come back in the Spring.


Sam Bauer, Extension Turfgrass Educator for the University of MN Extension, wrote that usual Fall lawn maintenance on drought affected turfgrass may actually do more harm than good.

For example, the usual maintenance right now is to lower your mowing height to prevent snow mold.  However, Sam says to keep the height up right now and mow less to help encourage grass recovery. 

And fertilizer, don’t think about it.  The University of MN has already informed us that the October feeding is no longer recommended. And in drought conditions, any quick release nitrogen flows right into the ecosystem because lawns aren’t growing as quickly and robustly as a ‘usual’ Fall in Minnesota.

So pull out those hoses right now.  Give your trees a drink and give you lawn chance to turn green before it turns white!  Will you do it?