With the fall cool down well under way the muskies have been putting on the feed bag. Muskie anglers who have not put away the Rods in favor of Guns and Bows are catching the largest fish of the season. Muskies bulk up in the fall...especially the females who are starting egg production and storing energy in the form of fat to fuel that task. The "normal" early fall season when water temps drop from the mid 70's to the 60 range happened in one day. The lack of stratification as a result of this summers cool temps kept surface temps cool and one windy cold day was all it took to really cool down and mix what little there was in the form of layering.So we now find ourselves in a late fall weather pattern and the fish have responded with periods of feeding activity unseen thus far this season.

Finding the fish is not terribly difficult...simply take the areas that were holding fish earlier this season and move to the first significant deep edge near by... deep weed edges are generally the best edge right now. Look for concentrations of bait fish on your sonar to identify which deep edges hold the most promise and start fishing. Big baits mean big fish and lately my boat partners and I have been digging through my Justencase tackle box for the biggest baits we can find. Large muskies can easily eat fish in the 4-5-6lb range and throwing or trolling the largest baits  that you can deal with can up your odds considerably.

And actually it is over when the DNR says it is.......Nov 31st is the close of Muskies season so get some big fish action now while you still can, the lakes are uncrowded and the fish still have to eat.

As a friend of mine says, "In January you will wish you could have bottled a day like today and open up that bottle and take a sip." because musky fishing will not be on the menu in January.

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