I have tomato envy. 

The feeling is all of my own doing.  I chose not to plant my garden until Memorial Day.  I chose not to plant cherry tomatoes this year.  I chose larger variety tomato varieties.  However, when my neighbor is already giving away tomatoes from his garden, it sits poorly in my craw.

Yes, he planted Early Girl and his tomatoes are on top of a berm in front in full sunlight for 10 hours.  But jeepers, he has picked 5 tomatoes already and has 5 more that will be ready this week (not that I’m counting).

In my frustration, I checked the label of the Mortgage Lifter tomato I planted – 85 days to maturation.  85 days!  What was I thinking?  I won’t have a red tomato until August 25.  That’s AGES away.   My basil is ready; my feta cheese is sitting in the refrigerator ready for a nice caprese salad; but my tomatoes refuse to turn red.  

Perhaps I can convince my neighbor that he really must eat more kale then do a swap for some of his tomatoes.  The trade will fill my belly, but not my craw.

How about you, got any frustrations in the vegie garden right now?