Fondness for spring water overflows in Eden Prairie

Fondness for spring water overflows in Eden Prairie

None of those gathering water seemed perturbed by the city’s sign warning that “even though the water is tested, we cannot assure its safety at all times.”

Shiffer: State reports weed out medical pot growers' 'trade secrets'

December 6, 2014
Shiffer: State reports weed out medical pot growers' 'trade secrets'
LeafLine Labs and Minnesota Medical Solutions proved to the state that they had the financial wherewithal, technical prowess and security procedures to process and sell medical cannabis to patients. But if you want to know the details, you’re out of luck.

St. Paul artist may be out of options to save house

November 17, 2014
St. Paul artist may be out of options to save house
May 26
Marla Spivak collected bees for a study on a field last year at the University of Minnesota,

From diabetes to chewing gum, private funds drive U research

As federal money for research declines, scientists are facing difficult questions.
St. Paul
May 25

2 brothers pulled from abandoned St. Paul pool; one in critical condition

A young boy was in critical condition Monday after firefighters pulled him and his brother from about 6 feet of filthy water in an abandoned…
May 23

2015 a win for open government in Minnesota

Howls of outrage and the smack of the House speaker’s gavel brought a dramatic end to the Legislative session last weekend. As usual, though, most…
May 22

Attorney for ISIL suspect: Feds waving 'bloody flag of terrorism'

After federal court hearing, judge ordered the Minneapolis man to remain in custody.
May 22

Feds: Accused ISIL recruit threatened to kill FBI agents

Prosecutors say confidential informant's recordings document suspected ISIL recruits' disdain for U.S. law.
May 21

Excerpt of text conversation

According to prosecutors, the following was a conversation between Abdirahman Yasin Daud and an unidentified ISIL facilitator on Kik, an online messaging application.   Where…
May 16

Access to Minnesota government data can improve

But despite collecting more information than ever before, most of government handles it the old-fashioned way. You have to ask for it. Then you wait.
May 12

New swindling allegations cost White Bear Lake chiropractor license

Randy Miland had been found trustworthy after earlier fraud convictions.
May 11

Minnesota terrorist recruit back in custody after allegedly violating conditions of his release

Halfway house was hailed as a step to rehabilitate at-risk youth.
May 9

'Adopters' take up the cause of research dogs in Minnesota and beyond

The people hoping to adopt research dogs from the University of Minnesota know them only by code numbers: 14AC2, 12AC1, 14CC4 and so on. They…
May 7

Nitrates from agriculture a 'growing threat' to Minnesota drinking water

Annual drinking water survey says supplies are safe overall, but finds need for prevention and vigilance.
May 2

Years after 9/11 attacks, 28 pages are still blank

In the public report of Congress’ investigation of the 9/11 attacks, something strange happens after page 395. The words disappear, replaced by blank lines that…
April 30

Minnesota auditor questions lawmakers' handling of taconite tax money

Report to the Legislature notes there is ‘‘inadequate oversight’’ by lawmakers.
April 29

Tainted drinking water costs Minn. taxpayers millions

Randall’s water emergency is the latest sign of an environmental problem in Minnesota. Nitrogen fertilizer is leaching into groundwater from farm fields, contaminating wells and costing taxpayers millions.
April 27

Shiffer: Secrecy won't help to stem Minnesota's bird flu crisis

The avian flu epidemic sweeping through poultry farms has triggered a state of emergency in Minnesota. It’s not serious enough, though, to sacrifice a little…
April 25

April 2: Small Minn. town's drinking water crisis highlights larger problem for state

High nitrate levels in Adrian, Minn., and several nearby towns are making water unsafe for babies, pregnant women.
April 22

Part 4: Minneapolis teen struggles to avoid line of fire

Part 4: One family shows how the threat of illegal firearms hangs over life on North Side.
April 22

Part 3: Illegal gun market thrives in Minn.; penalties light

Federal law enforcement officials say their limited presence in the state and significant constraints in federal law present serious obstacles to cracking down on illegal gun trafficking.
North Metro
April 22
Stolen from an apartment in Coon Rapids, this Hi-Point C9 9 millimeter...

Part 2: One stolen gun blazes violent path

Thousands of illegal guns flood city streets, moving easily from hand to hand.
April 22

March 17: A gun at 14, then a senseless killing

Two young lives are swept away in Minneapolis by a relentless flow of illegal firearms.
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