Fondness for spring water overflows in Eden Prairie

Fondness for spring water overflows in Eden Prairie

None of those gathering water seemed perturbed by the city's sign warning that "even though the water is tested, we cannot assure its safety at all times."
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Shiffer: State reports weed out medical pot growers' 'trade secrets'

December 6, 2014
Shiffer: State reports weed out medical pot growers' 'trade secrets'
LeafLine Labs and Minnesota Medical Solutions proved to the state that they had the financial wherewithal, technical prowess and security procedures to process and sell medical cannabis to patients. But if you want to know the details, you're out of luck.
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St. Paul artist may be out of options to save house

November 17, 2014
St. Paul artist may be out of options to save house
West Metro
August 5

Hotel room bust of high-end prostitute leads to $20,000 windfall for Minn. police

Adrienne Chapa was arrested and spent a few days in jail before she went home to Las Vegas. Her bag of $24,425 in cash was here to stay.
St. Paul
July 22
On Thursday, July 20, 2017, Charlie Rodgers, government records specia...

Archive specialist rescues Minnesota history, page by yellowed page

Charlie Rodgers’ business card carries his bone-dry title: “Government records specialist.” The reality is more like this: Exploring dank basements and forgotten storage areas; opening…
July 16

Minnesota veterans of the CIA's 'secret war' seek an honorable burial

A Brooklyn Park veteran of the CIA's "secret war" has been stymied by the federal government's refusal to hand over classified documents about its proxy army, or even acknowledge that they exist.
July 10

Minnesota voter list is a public record, after all

President Donald Trump’s election fraud commission ignited a bipartisan backlash when it asked states for a list of every registered voter, including birth dates and…
July 1
Soon, a Stearns County judge will review about 168 pages that Patty and Jerry Wetterling have asked to keep out of the public eye.

Painful as it could be, some files must be made public

Some fear this case could mark the end of Minnesota's laudable openness about how its law officers investigate crime.
June 24

Big ideas for open government fall short at Legislature

Transparency advocates had grand plans for improving public access to government information in Minnesota this legislative session. One proposal would have stopped the mass…
June 17

At U.S. State Department, ground rules for official anonymity

WASHINGTON – The weather was sweltering on the sidewalks of the U.S. Capitol last week, so the State Department officials walked outside the massive…
June 11
Driven by her mother’s death in 2011, Sheila Van Pelt has become one of the state’s most effective citizen lobbyists.

Inside one woman's fight to expose Minn. health care investigations

Sheila Van Pelt's yearslong campaign underscores the enormous challenges facing everyday citizens in an era when powerful interest groups push laws that ensure greater levels of secrecy.
June 9
More police departments are using body cameras, including Maplewood, where officer Parker Olding attached his to a magnetic plate inside his uniform.

Growing police tech arsenal watches criminals, citizens

Law enforcement agencies have more tools to gather information than ever before. Laws safeguarding that data and guaranteeing public access to it are failing to keep up.
June 6

Survivors of CIA's secret airline gather in Twin Cities to reminisce, organize

Officials still say they were not affiliated with U.S. government during the Vietnam War.
May 27
September 21, 1938 Nat Finney Minneapolis Star Library

Newspaper's secrecy scoop of 1947 resonates today

The headline blared across the front page of the Minneapolis Sunday Tribune. Big enough to stop a president: “U.S. CENSORSHIP PLAN REVEALED.” It was…
May 20

In Minneapolis, no rush to obtain body cam video

Since the city began outfitting each patrol officer with a camera last summer, the police received only 25 requests for information that included body camera video.
May 10

Battle over Prince estate plays on

Judge may make formal decision on the musician's heirs, though some object.
Super Bowl LII
May 8

Minneapolis scrubs its records to hide site of Super Bowl command center

Mpls. scrubs info, leaving public in dark on landlord.
May 8

Former NSA executive urges public vigilance against government overreach

NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake said he chose defending the law over loyalty to the agency.
May 2

The final cache of secret JFK records set for release this year

Documents that show what the government knows about John F. Kennedy's 1963 trip to Dallas have been kept secret for more than 50 years. Now, these records are among the remaining sealed documents about the JFK assassination set for release in coming months.
April 22

Public left on the street after White House visitor logs go dark

Last week, the Secret Service banished pedestrians from the south side of the White House after too many unauthorized visitors managed to leap…
April 20
A pediatrician holds a dose of the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine.

2 new measles cases bring total to 11 in recent Minn. outbreak

Two more measles cases were confirmed by Minnesota health officials Wednesday, bringing the total number of infections in the current outbreak to 11. Of those sickened, nine are known to have been unvaccinated for the highly contagious disease.
April 12

Minn. burglar found addresses of victims online before committing crimes

There are 14 situations in which it is legal to view someone else’s driver’s license and motor vehicle registration data. Finding homes to ransack isn’t…
April 12

Project opens the FBI files on the notably dead

For the past 16 months, when a notable person dies, Parker Higgins sends a letter to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Each letter is the same, except for the name, and makes the same request: Hand over the FBI file for the deceased.