Move over, cats. The rabbits want to hop into the Internet spotlight.

The Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society is calling on the people of the Internet to vote for a bunny to take on Grumpy Cat, Lil Bub and the other cat celebs. (All in the name of raising awareness for domestic rabbits and increased adoption, of course.)

The contenders, according to a press release, are:

  • Geronimo - a Lionhead whose spontaneity and flair could make him a star on Vine.
  • Harvey - a Jersey Wooly who has been taking agility classes since the age of one.
  • Greyshorts - a Magpie Harlequin ready to be the next source of "aww" on social media.
  • Lenny - a Velveteen Lop whose personality has earned him the nickname Rabbit Gosling.
  • Cricket - a Standard Rex is the Anna Nicole Smith of bunnies, big and beautiful.

On the Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society website, they're blunt about their bid for online stardom: "Cats are cute, but those mew-tants have lived their nine lives out in the Internet spotlight. now it's time for something cuter, smarter and bouncier to take the throne."

They even made a music video.

Internet Bunny Ready to Dethrone Cats from Lucky Branded Entertainment on Vimeo.

Voting for the most Internet-worthy rabbit ends August 29. Updates on the winner and "the rabbit's first order of business as the leader of the Internet Bunny Movement" will be shared on the Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society Twitter account.

"We're really excited to launch this new campaign that hopefully educates many animal lovers about rabbit ownership," Luke Stultz, president of the Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society, said in a press release. "We love all animals, but, let's be honest, has there been a fad that has overstayed its 15 minutes of fame more than Internet cats?"

Judging by Lil Bub's reaction in the photo above, taken when she met bunny competitor Lenny at a fundraiser last week, the Internet cat star disagrees.

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