Don’t know but logically guessing: The Ike Reilly Assassination is rolling into town a night early for its 11th annual night-before-Thanksgiving gig at First Avenue and needed a place to drink; we all know there aren’t many better Minneapolis than Grumpy’s Northeast; and the Grumpy’s crew knows that the boys in the band aren’t exactly light chardonnay sippers, so they’re wisely making them work for their bar tab.

Do know for sure: Reilly sent word (a text) on the road from Libertyville, Ill., that he and the band will play a free, impromptu gig tonight (Tuesday) at Grumpy’s Northeast. They plan to roll into town about 8 pm and unpack their gear by 9 or so. “Gonna be loose,” he warned, obviously not wanting anyone to think Tuesday’s gig will in any way out-rock Wednesday’s affair with the Honeydogs, Communist Daughter and Clash bashers Rude Girl. Reilly is particularly excited for fans to hear songs from their just-finished new album at the First Ave show. "It's [expletive] great," he bragged/threatened.

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