Once again --no matter how much I try,  I am running out of the time needed to prepare all of the gear needed for another season of guiding anglers to successful fishing trips.  Why? That's easy--  if I have the choice, I 'm going crappie catching and delay the walleye tackle prep time for tomorrow  or the next day or the next day....I'm guilty.  Although the panfish gear has been set up for nearly a month,  now it's time to concentrate on the dozens of rods and reels that are used by myself and my guests throughout the open water season. 
First it's the 10,000 yards of new fishing line that will be removed from the reels by my 12 year old son and put back on by me.  Then I suppose some of the reels will need some TLC or retired after 2-3 years of loyal service.  I also will be sifting through  the rods and checking each and every line guide for damage that could ruin your line.  Line, reels, rods, oh yeh-- the boat checklist is next.
My boat checklist has about 50 items on it ranging from electrical suplies to a current fire extinguisher.  Obvious items like life jackets, extra rope, flares, and a medical kit are also on the list.  Lets put it this way--Hardware Hank calls me for parts.  Included also is basic check -up of all boat's components wether the boat is new or not.  These may include fuses, wiring, motor fluids, linkage, battery and a look at the trailer as well,  Trailer hubs need to be greased, winch strapes need to be replaced, tires inspected for damage, maybe a roller or two is geting worn out--who knows, it all has to be looked at.  Treat your checklist like a pre-flight checklist.  Hmm, now what?  Perhaps the most overlooked by anglers --the tow vehicle!
Thats right, it doesn't matter how prepared the boat is or if the other gear is ready to go  if it cannot be pulled to the lake.  New tires, brakes, a tune -up, and a complete fluid change are needed to have a trouble free and safe summer of trailering the boat all over the state to anxiously awaiting clients.  All this just to go fishing?  Yes, that's just a small part of the hidden benefit of hiring a fishing guide.  Dont wait--get the gear ready now!  Good luck, Capt. Josh www.minnesotaguideservice.com

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