September 21

144-year-old home finds new life as short-term rental

Sarena Melotte could see past the crumbling home, its inside painted Pepto-Bismol pink, when she saw the steep, curved, ebony staircase of the 19th century villa that's almost as old as Stevens Point.
September 19

A glance at US mortgage rates: 30-year at 3.73%

U.S. long-term mortgage rates increased this week, but the rates are still dramatically lower than a year ago, according to mortgage buyer Freddie Mac
September 19

Average 30-year mortgage rate rose to 3.73%

U.S. long-term mortgage rates shot up this week, yet they stayed close to the historic lows that appear to be helping the real estate market.
September 19

Mortgage rates boosted US home sales 1.3% in August

U.S. home sales rose 1.3% in August to the highest level in 17 months, as mortgage rates near historic lows have spurred a rush of home-buying.
September 18

What the Fed's rate cut means for you

The Federal Reserve has cut its benchmark interest rate again, big news for the U.S. economy but something that will likely have a muted impact…
September 18
This Sept. 17, 2019, photo shows refreshed wall fabric in the Red Room of the White House in Washington. Sunlight streaming into the Red Room had left

First lady Melania Trump has done a lot to spruce up White House

Melania Trump will have a few new touches to showcase Friday when guests visit the White House for only the second state dinner of the Trump presidency.
September 18

US home building climbs 12.3% in August to 12-year high

The pace of U.S. home construction jumped 12.3% last month to a 12-year high on a surge in apartment building.
September 17
The Central Park Tower, center, is under construction, Tuesday, Sept. 17, 2019 in New York. At 1550 feet (472 meters) the tower is the world's tallest

Supertall residential building will enter crowded NYC market

A New York City condominium tower will be the world's tallest predominantly residential building when it opens next year, though it will be competing with other ultra-luxury buildings for billionaire buyers, the building's developer said Tuesday.
September 17

Colorado towns take action to preserve mobile home parks

Jeff Morehead's cat slips through the small, square door carved into his wooden fence, a gateway from Morehead's mobile home lot to a serene landscape of blooming flowers and shade trees.
September 16

Mobile home parks move from mom-and-pop to corporate

In the Aurora mobile home park where she lived for 16 years, eviction notices kept coming to Petra Bennett's door — for unauthorized guests, lack of insurance, late rent. They were bogus threats to make the single mother leave. And eventually, she did.